Understanding Nshama Aliraq’s Benefits & Objectives

Nshama Aliraq is a residential development project that is being implemented in promising areas across Iraq. The project aims to build modern affordable housing and create robust infrastructure that can support economic investment in the cities and villages in those locations. In its effort to offer people a high quality of life and a renewed sense of national pride, Nshama Aliraq has outlined a number of objectives and benefits for the Iraqi citizens.

Objectives of Nshama Aliraq

1. Improved Quality Of Life:
Nshama Aliraq seeks to ensure that everyone living in Iraq has access to better quality of life. This encompasses improving the infrastructure in the cities and villages by providing access to basic services such as electricity, water, and communications networks. Additionally, Nshama Aliraq is also working with public and private institutions to create training and educational opportunities for the citizens in those areas.

2. Sustainable Development:
The project’s mission is to promote sustainable development in Iraq. This includes developing new energy sources and encouraging green building practices among its partners. By supporting renewable energy and green living, Nshama Aliraq seeks to create an environmentally friendly setting that will facilitate economic growth and development in those locations.

3. Creating New Investment Opportunities:
Nshama Aliraq is working with both national and international investors to create new venture opportunities in Iraq. Through these initiatives, Nshama Aliraq hopes to stimulate economic growth in the areas by attracting new investments and supporting existing businesses.

Benefits of Nshama Aliraq

1. Employment:
Nshama Aliraq is helping to create employment opportunities for Iraqi citizens. This includes providing jobs both in the construction of the housing developments as well as in the ongoing maintenance and refurbishment efforts.

2. Affordable Housing:
The project is providing high-quality and affordable housing for the citizens of Iraq in areas that have ongoing economic investment opportunities. These housing developments are designed to provide comfortable homes for the citizens at a price that they can afford.

3. Improved Infrastructure:
Nshama Aliraq is focused on creating quality infrastructure in Iraq. This includes providing access to basic services like electricity, water, and sewers as well as improving local roads, hospitals, schools, and other public institutions.


Nshama Aliraq is a significant project in Iraq that seeks to promote economic growth and development in the country. By creating comprehensive initiatives and working with both public and private partners, Nshama Aliraq is working towards its objectives of improving the quality of life for its citizens as well as creating employment opportunities and new investments.

Nshama Aliraq is a program designed to provide short-term financial assistance to families affected by the Syrian crisis, and is managed by the Government of Iraq in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The program seeks to provide social, economic, and psychological support to those who have been adversely affected by the Syrian conflict. Its specific objectives are to improve the living standards of vulnerable households in Iraq, improve access to education and health services, and reduce the risks of exploitation or abuse in the region.

The program provides direct financial benefits to eligible refugee families, with the majority of funding targeting essential household items. Benefits include allowance payments, vocational training subsidies, food packages, and clothing. Additional support is also provided to beneficiaries in the form of community-based activities such as health and education programs, as well as transportation and access to education and services.

In addition to these direct benefits, Nshama Aliraq seeks to build the capacity of Iraqi civil society organizations and governments to support refugee communities in their host countries. The program has established partnerships with local organizations and government ministries to increase the program’s effectiveness, and has been praised for its multi-sectoral approach. This includes coordination between agencies and the private sector.

To ensure equitable access to services, Nshama Aliraq has developed an online registration system and a system of outreach to potential beneficiaries. Trained staff, including social workers, are available to provide support to eligible families, who are then assessed for all program benefits and referred to other organizations for additional assistance if needed.

The financial assistance provided by Nshama Aliraq helps to ensure refugees have the means and capability to lead a safe and independent life. By improving refugees’ quality of life, Nshama Aliraq helps to ensure the safety and security of both refugees and the host countries that accept them. Through its comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to support, the program strives to integrate refugees into the social, economic and political life of Iraq.

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