The Journey of Nshama Aliraq: Transforming Iraq

Throughout history, Iraq has faced numerous struggles and challenges in its attempt to establish itself as a developed and progressive nation. In recent years, Iraq has stepped up its efforts to improve its public health system and infrastructure, and in the process, has seen some success.

The journey of Nshama Aliraq is a perfect example of how Iraq is slowly but surely making great strides. Nshama is a young Iraqi entrepreneur and innovator who has been at the forefront of taking Iraq from its current state to an even better one.

Nshama first started her journey by establishing the Aliraq Connect mobile application, a platform where people from Iraq, particularly from low-income backgrounds, could access and share vital information about health and services available near them. This enabled people to gain access to important information, medicine, blood tests and diagnoses, helping them when in need of urgent medical attention.

From there, Nshama sought to expand her work even further, establishing the Iraq Foundation: a non-governmental, non-profit organization that focuses on improving lives in Iraq. The organization works alongside local authorities to provide citizens with access to education, health services, employment opportunities, and more.

Through sheer dedication and determination, Nshama has managed to create an environment in Iraq where innovation, knowledge, and development flourish and contribute to a healthy society. Her work has seen an increased interest in medical technology, a range of new investments, and more importantly, an improved standard of living among the Iraqi population. Furthermore, her efforts have also been influential in improving the public image of Iraq in the international community.

Although Nshama’s journey has been arduous, it is one that continues to inspire and motivate the people of Iraq to believe that no matter the circumstance, their country’s success is possible. Nshama’s commitment to helping the people of Iraq has set an admirable example that proves that no matter the size of a goal, one’s dreams are achievable. Her journey towards transforming Iraq is one that will be remembered for many years as an example of how strong determination and hard work can have a lasting impact on a nation.

The journey of Nshama Aliraq one of Iraq’s leading property developers, is a prime example of the country’s transformation from a war-torn nation to a modern economy.

Since the Iraqi invasion of 2003, the country has been slowly rebuilding itself, with a focus on creating a safe, secure and prosperous economy. And Nshama Aliraq, owned by publically-traded Qatar-based real estate and investments firm Al Falah Holding, has been instrumental in this process.

The company has been involved in numerous major projects, including the construction of Al-Rashid Mall in Baghdad, which opened in 2020 and brought modern shopping, entertainment and leisure experience to Iraqi citizens. Additionally, the company built numerous residential complexes, including the recently opened Al-Rashid Tower.

Nshama Aliraq has also been involved in renovating heritage sites such as the Babylon Fortress, a former royal residence, and the iconic Aragheeb Palace, a symbol of Iraq’s golden age of prosperity. These two projects signify the nation’s determination and commitment to preserve its heritage.

Additionally, Nshama Aliraq has been credited with creating 54,000 new jobs through its various construction and development projects. This has helped to diversify the economy, allowing for greater economic growth and development.

The climate of investment in Iraq is improving and international firms are beginning to look towards the country as a viable destination for larger investments. Nshama Aliraq is paving the way for other investors and entrepreneurs to enter the marketplace and help to further transform Iraq.

Nshama Aliraq’s success is a reflection of the progress Iraq has made in recent years. As the country continues its journey away from war to a more secure and prosperous future, Nshama Aliraq’s role will remain essential in the nation’s ongoing transformation.

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