Pet Land Hermit Crabs As a Pet

The pet land hermit crab is one of the most adored pets in many households. Although you may not be able to cuddle up with it like your dog or cat or go for a walk together, you will have years of pleasant enjoyment. This crab is a wonderful choice for homes with allergies as they are odor less and virtually disease free. Hermit crabs do prefer to be in pairs however, and you just may consider purchasing a pair of these exotic creatures which will greatly reduce the stress on a single hermit crab.

Because of its unique shell appearance, the pet land hermit crab is genuinely interesting. Because it has no shell and a soft abdomen which is exposed, this crab must borrow a empty shell from a fellow snail or sea creature, which it carries on its back and holds on by its hind legs.

These exotic animals are truly a wonderful pet. It does have needs, however. While you may think that much interaction is not needed it is important to interact with these creatures daily. You will see a noticeable difference in your pet as it will likely be stress free.

This crab diet is fairly easy. You will need to purchase a commercial hermit crab pellet food from your local pet store which you will be required to feed him every day and you will also need to feed him fresh foods, such as frozen shrimp, fresh raw vegetables, fruits and grains. The healthier the diet the healthier your pet crab will be.

This crab is intelligent and aware of its surroundings. Therefore, it is not only necessary to have an optimal diet but a large enough headquarters for these crabs to live in. The aquarium should be at least a ten gallon for a single hermit crab and a 30 to 40 gallon for multiple crabs. Two of these crabs really need a companion however, and you should do everything to ensure that you have two hermit crabs.

As these crabs molt, they grow. This is a time that is extremely strenuous for the exotic animals and death or the loss of a limb can occur. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that you are caring for your pet crab in the best way. This includes a diet with extra calcium especially important during molting, the right environment, interaction and plenty of fresh and salt water. To ensure that your pet crab has plenty of calcium add a cuttlebone (found in the bird section of your pet store or grocery store) and add it to its cage or purchase a calcium supplement that can be found at your pet store.

Shells will also have to be offered to your exotic pet as they grow, so have a variety on hand. You can find a variety through the net, at the sea shore, or through your pet store.

With proper care of your pet crabs you will have many years of enjoyment.

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