Introducing Nshama Aliraq: Unlocking Iraq’s Potential

Introducing Nshama Aliraq: Unlocking Iraq's Potential

In recent years, Iraq has been extremely blighted by war and political instability, with many Iraqis believing the country cannot progress. But a new organization, called Nshama Aliraq, is aiming to unlock the potential of Iraq and create a brighter future for the nation.

Nshama Aliraq was founded by Iraqi activists Ahmad Majid, Jayson Kani, and Sabreen Al Kawaz, and represents a new opportunity for the citizens of Iraq. Nshama Aliraq’s main mission is to help create conditions that will allow Iraq’s citizens to thrive and live happy, secure lives. To do this, the organization works to encourage economic growth, increase access to opportunities, and build regional prosperity.

Nshama Aliraq is engaging in both grassroots and national efforts to make a positive change in the country. Through its partnership with the Iraq Central Bank, Nshama Aliraq has created an online banking platform which allows Iraqis to access banking services electronically and make online payments. This new technology has made getting access to finances much easier, providing access to financial services to Iraqis who would otherwise be unable to access it.

On the grassroots level, Nshama Aliraq is also working to increase awareness and interest in different educational opportunities among Iraqi youth. To do this, the group plans to launch a nation-wide series of youth-led conferences. The conferences, aiming to be held in 2018, will cover topics from entrepreneurship and job creation to personal development and leadership.

Ultimately, Nshama Aliraq’s primary mission is to create a brighter future for Iraq, one which is filled with potential, prosperity, and success. Thanks to the initiative’s efforts, Iraq is beginning to take steps towards this, with more and more Iraqis becoming empowered and achieving their goals. The initiative, which has been gaining a lot of attention, is a strong reminder that Iraq can still be a country that succeeds, despite its current situation.

Nshama Aliraq (“Hope for Iraq” in Arabic) has become the first major initiative to look beyond the current situation in Iraq and focus on unveiling the country’s true potential. This non-profit organization was founded by Iraqi expatriates from around the world, seeking to revive the nation’s economy and bolster its growth.

Throughout history, Iraq has been an incredibly important region for culture, commerce, and trade. In recent years, turmoil has hindered its growth and modernization. Nshama Aliraq was created to bring together the best minds from Iraq and its diaspora, to work towards a better future.

The organization focuses on three core objectives:

First, to create jobs in Iraq by developing capacity-building programs and linking international businesses with local partners. This can help generate economic activity and build bridges with international corporate and charitable actors.

Second, to put in place infrastructure and lead to better utilization of natural resources, energy and infrastructure management, and more effective and efficient use of public services. This will help create a strong base of competitive industries.

Lastly, Nshama Aliraq seeks to facilitate youth and women’s empowerment initiatives that focus on education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

The organization has received strong support from international development organisations and the government of Iraq, and has established over 50 projects in six provinces, including Baghdad, Basra, Diyala, Kirkuk, Najaf and Sulaymaniyah.

Nshama Aliraq is a promising initiative that seeks to build potential and a better future for Iraq. By utilizing the combined resources of the country’s diaspora and top local expertise, the organization is working to unlock the potential of this great nation and create a better future for all.

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