How to Keep a Non Cruel Ant Farm

Ant farms have become a popular accessory on most homes, but in order to ensure the health and safety of its occupants it’s extremely important to remember that ants are living beings, not just a pretty looking gadget on the living room. Learning how to keep a non cruel ant farm is key to ensure a healthy and active colony.

Remember: It’s not a Toy

It is extremely important to remind everybody at home that an ant farm is most definitely not a toy. Small children should not be allowed near the farm unsupervised, as they often will cause havoc while trying to help, or to see what the ants do. Ants need a stable environment to thrive, with the right amounts of water and food, so having a four year old flooding the farm to see if ants can swim, or giving them extra food and sticky sweets because ants love them can spell the end of your ant colony.

Choose the Right Kind of Food

Food that is too sticky, too sweet or too soft will decay quicker than the ants can consume it, creating a big sticky mess and forcing you to clean the ant farm. Ants don’t really like when a big human hand starts cleaning around their anthills, as it will stress them out. So in order to keep a happy ant farm, make sure you only feed them crispy and fresh food, in small amounts. You can just give them more food if you see that they take everything inside the colony too quick. In order to keep a non cruel ant farm, make sure that your ants always have fresh food and give them the occasional treat in the form of a bit of sugared water, avoiding jelly or honey that can be messy and sticky.

Don’t Move the Farm

How would you feel if suddenly your home started shaking and moving around? Ants like peace and quiet, so choose a place for the ant farm that is away from direct sunlight and resist the temptation to move the farm, or your ant colony may just get stressed out and start dyeing. Avoid knocking on the farm’s walls, sudden noises and vibrations, and try to keep the temperature stable in order to provide a healthy and safe environment for your ants. Make sure to select a safe spot where the farm is secure and doesn’t risk falling off. This is particularly important if there are young kids and pets around, as you really don’t want your farm being knocked over and your dining room filled with confused ants.

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