Exploring Nshama Aliraq’s Benefits & Objectives


Nshama Aliraq is an Iraqi-based foundation created in 2007. It is committed to building bridges between Iraqi and international organizations, individuals, and public and private institutions. The foundation offers various programs, activities and services that benefit Iraqis domestically and work to foster a better relationship between Iraq and the international community.


The Foundation’s main mission is to provide Iraqi citizens with the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to the nation’s economic future. It strives to reduce the impact of economic crisis and restore economic stability. Nshama Aliraq also seeks to support initiatives that promote public dialogue, education, and the development of a tolerant society and culture.

Providing Support to Iraqi Citizens

Nshama Aliraq provides a variety of supports to Iraqi citizens. These include job training, entrepreneurship assistance, legal representation, and physical and psychological assistance, as well as assistance to victims of natural disasters. The foundation also provides funds to establish new businesses, as well as to rehabilitate or expand existing businesses.

Promoting Relationship Between Iraq and International Community

Nshama Aliraq promotes dialogue and understanding between Iraq and the international community by organizing workshops and conferences, as well as providing mentorship and training opportunities. It works with international partners to create educational and professional networks, facilitate exchanges, and provide advice regarding international relations.


Nshama Aliraq partners with a variety of organizations in Iraq and abroad. These include universities, NGOs, financial institutions, and private companies. By forming productive relationships with these organizations, the foundation is able to better serve the needs of its beneficiaries.


Through effective partnerships and careful planning, Nshama Aliraq is making an impact in Iraq, connecting Iraqis to one another and the international community. It is empowering individuals and fostering economic development, helping to restore economic stability and strengthen the nation’s future.

Nshama Aliraq is an innovative structural engineering company based in Kerbala, Iraq, that specializes in bridge rehabilitation and construction. Founded in June 2020, the company has become a leader in the region and is driving toward a new future of infrastructure development. With an aim to create a modern and safe environment in Iraqi cities, Nshama Aliraq is revolutionizing the way in which public works are carried out.

Focusing on providing Iraqi cities with reliable and high-quality engineering services, Nshama Aliraq operates on the core values of safety, accuracy and speed. The company uses modern technologies and high-precision instruments to construct bridges that are robust and resistant against many forms of deformation. It also seeks to create high-value engineering solutions for clients across the country.

The benefits of utilizing Nshama Aliraq’s services are numerous and varied. By streamlining the construction process and ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget, the company can help increase the efficiency of public works and ultimately reduce costs. Additionally, its state-of-the-art technology and engineering expertise can ensure that the bridges constructed are safe and durable.

Furthermore, Nshama Aliraq is dedicated to providing quality service while also committing itself to corporate social responsibility. By implementing the most up-to-date technologies and standards, they endeavor to reduce the environmental impact of their projects. They also invest in local resources to help spur economic development and job creation.

At its core, Nshama Aliraq seeks to modernize and revitalize Iraqi infrastructure and provide citizens with safe and sustainable bridges. With its innovative approach and effective engineering solutions, the company is well-positioned to achieve its goals and have a lasting impact on the nation.

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